The idea of Tribal Roots was born out of a curiosity to integrate the traditions of indigenous people around the world, with everyday street wear. It’s not just about stereotypical ‘exotic’ prints and patterns. It’s about the shared link that connects us to each other. We are driven by the desire to reach out to people, and to educate them on the meanings and wisdom behind each pattern and prints featured on a limited Tribal Roots product. Growing up in North America with such a diverse mix of cultures, we were inspired to hold onto, not just our own roots, but to the roots of our friends and neighbors, as seen through embroidery, carpet and textile patterns. We endeavor to showcase cultural aesthetics from all over the world. Tribal Roots is about more than just fashion. It’s about using fashion as a medium to spread knowledge – our version of an anthropological social experiment.Whether it’s the Angamis of Nagaland, the Amdos of northeastern Tibet, or the Nukaks of the Amazon rainforest – we are connected through a shared humanity and the universal message of love and compassion, as seen through our intricate collections of ancient symbols and patterns. We aim to connect you to the original Mother Root herself.

Welcome To Our Tribe